RCPS CCRPI Score Tops State for Third Consecutive Year

rcpsScores from the 2016-17 administration of the Georgia Milestones Assessment System (Georgia Milestones in grades 3-8 and Georgia Milestones End of Course assessment in grades 9-12) were released by the Georgia Department of Education. These scores reflect the third administration of Georgia’s comprehensive testing system. However, it is important to note that these test scores represent only one piece of the State of Georgia’s “multiple measure” approach to school accountability known as the College and Career Ready Performance Index or CCRPI.

“The state released the Milestones results from the spring administration, however, we have already begun analyzing our results inclusive of the summer retest scores,” said Rockdale County Public Schools (RCPS) Superintendent Richard Autry. “I am pleased that our elementary students remained above state average in every subject area for the third consecutive year. English Language Arts is 6 percentage points above, mathematics is 3 percentage points above, science is 2 percentage points above and social studies is 2 percentage points above the state. The middle school results revealed that we outperformed the state in math and science. Our math scores increased 2 percentage points, slightly edging out the state by 1 percentage point. In science, the district outpaced the state by 4 percentage points. In contrast, the district fell just below the state in ELA (1 percent) and Social Studies (5 percent). Our 8th grade students who took Coordinate Algebra gained 5 percentage points for an outstanding 99 percent, which is 29 percentage points above the state. High school results show improvements in 4 out of 8 tested subjects, comparing this year to last year. Grade 9 Literature increased by 6 percent, American Literature increased 8 percent, Economics increased 1 percent and Physical Science increased 4 percent. We continue to analyze our high school challenge areas of algebra and biology as we focus on closing the gap with the state. This Milestones data will help guide our work and improvement efforts as we begin this new school year. RCPS continues to learn and understand the overwhelming number of measurement indicators and how they are calculated for the CCRPI.”

The RCPS overall CCRPI score topped the state for the third consecutive year. The RCPS district score of 74.2 is above the state at 73.6 out of 100 points. In conjunction with CCRPI, one of the overarching measures of yearly PK-12 success in our district is our graduation rate. The RCPS four-year cohort graduation rate of 82.1 percent also remains above the state at 79.2 percent. All high schools exceed the mark of 80 percent and are now approaching the 90 percent threshold. This means over 4 out of 5 RCPS students are graduating on time and receiving a diploma in four years. This has been a dramatic increase from six years ago when the four-year cohort rate was 66 percent. A total of 1,086 students received their diploma this year and were awarded over $21.4 million in scholarships.